Venus Bay

PBE Real Estate in Venus Bay covers the coastal resorts of Tarwin Lower, Walkerville, Cape Liptrap and Waratah Bay. Venus Bay is a tranquil holiday area just 2 hours drive from Melbourne on the coast, situated between the pristine surf beaches and the idyllic Andersons Inlet. The beautiful and easily accessible beaches are great for surfing, swimming and fishing. Andersons Inlet is ideal for safe boating, fishing and water sports. The Tarwin River meanders through Tarwin Lower into Andersons Inlet and offers great fishing, boating and kayaking along with a casual coastal charm. The area has many natural attractions, including the Liptrap Coastal Park, Point Smythe bushland, the historic Lime Kilns at Walkerville, safe beaches at Walkerville South and Waratah Bay, many leisurely walks and is just under an hour from Wilsons Promontory.